One World Account Billing Process

This Customer is a premier provider of email and a full range of marketing services. Automates the Monthly Billing for the email usage and the services. The email usage is imported to NetSuite as custom records. A Java application is scheduled to run on a daily basis to import the usage from an ftp site. Billing for the email usage is done on a monthly basis for the overage.

The services are captured in NetSuite as billable time records. At the beginning of every month, the services up to the monthly limit for the previous month are marked as non-billable. Time for the unlimited plan projects are also marked as non-billable.

Job Costing

Job Costing provides a means to track actual Revenue and Cost for Materials, Labor and Freight while assigning a burdened cost for Internal Labor, allowing a view of the Job profitability within NetSuite. This is accomplished by the Users identifying the Job or Sales Order to be used for gathering all of the associated Revenues and Costs. Users simply select the Job or Sales Order for Costing on each transaction including Time Records, Expense Reports, etc. Costs are categorized as Administrative, Freight, Labor, Material or Job Expense by assigning a Job Costing Item Type to each Item. This project is bundled to various NetSuite accounts.

Human Resources Bundle

The Bundle provides Human Resources functionality and Applicant Tracking as an add-on to NetSuite. This bundle was designed to provide automation of requisition approvals and tracking, applicant tracking and history. HR Applicant Tracking has quick access to Company Positions, Positions to Approve, Currently Advertised Positions, Open Applications, HR to Hire, Employee Details like Leave (Employees on Leave), Employee Turnover Details etc.

NetSuite FuseBill Integration

Integrate FuseBill Subscription Billing Solution with NetSuite. Making sure it integrates seamlessly without interrupting the day to day activities.

NetSuite Zuora Integration

Integrate Zuora Subscription Billing Solution with NetSuite.

Floor Cleaning Scheduling

An integrated solution for the commercial cleaning flooring industry, designed to ease one of the biggest burdens facing floor care companies, scheduling. The solution can create the schedules from the sales order and generate printed work orders for their technicians for each scheduled cleaning. It lets the Operations Team see the new orders that sales people have entered, Maintenance events that need to be Scheduled/Confirmed/Completed, monitor which techs are assigned to what jobs. It also handled recurring events.

Ad-Hoc Reporting and Saved Searches

The project involves creating Reports, Saved Searches and Email Alerts. I was also involved in importing data and developing Suitelets and Scheduled scripts for having accurate data in the report.

One of the reports was to list the Customers on hold grouped by partners and display the report in Partner Center with clickable links to the Customer record. This is achieved by creating a Suitelet, Saved Search with links to the suitelet and a custom field.

NetSuite Marketing Database Integration

Integration of Leads and Contacts from marketing database to NetSuite. The Marketing firm will extract the weekly changes from their database and upload to a FTP site in CSV format. The project involves creating Java application using Web Services to import the updates to NetSuite. It also involves creating opportunities in NetSuite.

Credit Card Authorization

Neat sell scanners with different payment options like Pay in Full, Pay in 30 days, and Pay in 30 days - 4 payments. Customer can also opt to try out Neat Cloud free for 30 days. This project mainly involves in authorizing the credit card for the desired amount based on the purchased items and payment options

Billing Automation

Automates the entire Billing process within the company including subscriptions and recording the payment collection failures. Initial deployment resulted in the collection of over a million dollars pending payments.

IT Fulfillment Process

This project involves a two-way communication between NetSuite and the fulfillment company. The Sales Orders and Transfer orders are posted to the fulfillment company and the data back is posted in NetSuite as item fulfillments.

NetSuite Cloud Integration

This involves the communication between NetSuite and Cloud. There are mainly 3 requests; validate, purchase and cancel. Validate request make sure that the customer is eligible to purchase the plan. If the customer already has the plan, it will not place the order to purchase the same plan. Once the validation call is a success, it will send the purchase request to register the user in cloud. Cancel request is posted for cancellation. There are various types of plans like business and personal. This project also handles the downgrade and upgrade process. Billing for Monthly and yearly subscriptions are also handled in this project.

Career Site Implementation

This webpage is developed in order to redirect all the applicants to the career site, whether they are applying through Craig’s List, Monster, etc.

The applicant can select a location to get the list of positions available at that location. Based on the job selection, he will be forwarded to an online application where he can upload or paste the resume. After a successful submission, the applicant will get a confirmation email and the Store Manager of that location will be notified about the new application. The project involves developing Suitelets and online forms.

Item to True Item Conversion

Provides a mechanism for translating item into another item. This will allow ensuring, via configuration, that all items which are represented by the web store can be translated into inventorial items and gain control of the inventory levels.

Web API Integration

This Integration project involves pulling the real time inventory availability from the Customer’s supplier system. This is done using a Suitelet. The Script will call a web service that will connect to the Suppliers system and retrieve the quantity and price for the item and add/update in NetSuite.

Drip Marketing Email Campaigns

This project involves creating workflows for automating the drip marketing email campaigns. Each of the email campaigns were kicked off by a status being set on a Lead profile. Emails were sent on a particular interval after the status is changed. There were 7 workflows with 5 states for automating the Email Campaigns.

Order Import

This project was developed to automate the order import from NetSuite to an external application. The project involves developing a Scheduled Script to email the orders as a CSV file. The CSV file in the given format is created using the data from the Open Orders Saved Search. The script is scheduled to run twice a day, in the morning and evening to email the CSV file with the order details.

NetSuite External Website Integration

The Integration project integrates NetSuite Store Front and the external system. There are two points of integration between the NetSuite the external application.  Firstly, upon purchasing of a device, NetSuite will make a REST style Web Service call to the external system to enroll the purchaser’s information.  Secondly, the NetSuite Store Front application will need the monthly information pertaining to how many sessions customer had used during the month. The external site was integrated with NetSuite customer login, shopping cart and checkout pages using WSDK (Web Site Developer’s Kit). The project involves creating Java applications, User Event Scripts, Suitelets, and Scheduled Scripts and HTML pages. Second and third phase of this project was to integrate two other sites within NetSuite.

Web Site Setup

The project involves creating Templates, Layouts, Information Items, Search Options, etc. Created Online forms for the login and thank you pages.

It also involves Theme Customization to add a free gift to shopping cart when the user purchases for more than a fixed amount.

Another site was developed using NetSuite Advanced Customization Web Site Setup with the provided HTML pages and images. The project involves creating marketing templates and Online forms for login and capturing new leads.